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What step are you on?  


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05/02/2020 9:25 pm  

The most important things about being Green and Sober?

1) Remembering who you are.... You're an addict/alcoholic in recovery.

2) Staying in close contact with other members. Your mind is like a bad neighborhood.... while you can go there alone, its safer with friends...

3) Journalling regularly allows you to see your behaviour regularly to keep yourself in check. A daily 10th step is INVALUABLE to a Green and Sober member....

4) Remembering that you have an addictive personality... (PLEASE SEE #1)

5) Remembering to constantly be working a step... You wont grow if you stop working the steps... The steps are how we learn to nurture the relationship we have with our Higher Power... The Steps ARE the Program essentially....

Todays question: What Step are YOU on?
(I know they seem scary, but you GOT THIS!)



Green and Sober